1. Ciprian Indries - Be careful what you wish for

  2. Paul Prunean - Practicing the power of prayer

    Practicing the power of prayer
    Luke 11: V 1-14

    The Priority of Prayer - Prioritatea Rugăciunii v.1a

    The Practice of Prayer – Practicând Rugăciunea v.1b

    The Principles of Prayer - Principiile de Rugăciune vv.2-13
    Praise, Providence, and Protection vv.2-4
    Permission, Privilege, and Promise vv.5-13

    The Power of Prayer - Puterea Rugăciunii v.14

  3. Paul Prunean - The King who could have been great

  4. Paul Prunean - Wisdom for all ages

  5. George Puraci - Sermon

  6. Paul Prunean - Last, but not least